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Got less cashback than expected

Before activating an offer, all the offer benefits which a customer is eligible to receive are displayed upfront on the offer details screen. The same information is also available in the offer journey once the offer is activated. In a tiered Paytm Cashback Offer, the customer is gratified at various stages of the offer journey upon completion of the mentioned milestones in the offer.

Following screenshot gives the details of benefits on Offer details screen before and after activation of the offer:

Please note that there are certain offers in which the cashback is credited on a random distribution model amongst all the users who have participated in the offer. For such offers, both the minimum and maximum amount that a user might receive are mentioned upfront in the offer itself. The final cashback which is credited upon the completion of the milestone could be any number between the minimum and maximum limit and as soon as the stage is completed, the exact cashback amount is stamped on the offer and the benefit value against that stage is updated.