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Mobile recharge initiated but order still under process

Recharges on Paytm is a pretty smooth process and in most cases, benefits are linked to your recharged number almost instantaneously. However, in rare scenarios, your recharge may take longer than usual to process. This, typically, happens in two cases when we are:

  1. Not able to get a payment confirmation from your bank or,
  2. Not able to get the status of your recharge from the telecom operator

In the above cases, if your recharge eventually fails then the money is refunded back to your wallet/bank, depending on the source where the money has been deducted from. Most of these cases (99.9%) gets either successfully processed within 24 hours. If not, then it fails in the same time period.

How is Paytm helping in expediting your pending recharges?

We leave no stone unturned in speeding up issues related to pending recharges. Here’s how:

1. Pending payment

For orders (processed from Bank via Cards, Net banking or UPI) where the payment confirmation from the bank is not received promptly, your order will reach the ‘Payment is Pending’ stage where we await the final payment confirmation from your bank. To further the process, we keep following up with the respective bank for the next 72 hours.

Note: More that 99.9% of these transactions are cleared within 24 hours itself

Once payment confirmation is received, we forward the details of your recharge to your operator. In case, we don’t receive a payment confirmation even after 3 days, then we mark your recharge as failed and ask the bank to refund the amount (if deducted).

Once your bank receives our instruction, they begin the process of refunding your money following their reconciliation process with varied turnaround times. Given below are the maximum timelines you could experience to get the refund in your account:

2. Awaiting confirmation from telecom operator 

Once an order is forwarded to the operator, Paytm awaits the final status from the operator to confirm the status of your order. In rare scenarios, your operator may not confirm the final status of the order to us immediately. In such cases, we continue to follow up with your operator for 24 hours. For cases where final confirmation of the order is not received even after 24 hours, we escalate the case to the operator in order to receive the final status.

Be rest assured that in each of the cases, your money is safe and will be rolled back to you if your recharge fails.