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Order pending or payment not confirmed

Delay in orders getting confirmed can be due to a delay in getting a response from the Payment Gateway or the Cinema for which tickets are being booked. All such orders can take up to 30 minutes to get to their final state.

Remember, an order is automatically cancelled if it is not confirmed within 30 minutes of placing the order. We request you to wait for 30 minutes before placing a new order to avoid double bookings. In case any amount is deducted for your order, it will be refunded back to the source account. Please check with your bank to know when the amount will get reflected in your account as we initiate refunds instantly once the order fails.

What happens to the promocode you’ve applied?

If you have applied a promocode, it will be blocked till the order fails and you will not be able to use it further. Once the order fails, the promocode will be unblocked and can be reused.