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Received a different recharge benefit rather than the one you chose? Know what to do

All operators have specific plans for specific recharge amounts. However, the benefits associated with a particular recharge amount changes from time to time.
Whenever you are recharging your mobile via Paytm, it connects with your operator to fetch the latest benefits associated with your entered amount and displays them to you.

Please ensure that you check these benefits before proceeding with your payment, so you do not accidentally end up paying for a plan you do not want as Paytm cannot cancel a recharge after the operator has successfully processed it.

Please note, benefits provided for a plan are decided by the operator. In case you are not satisfied, please reach out to your operator with the following details:

  1. Operator Reference Number (ORN)
  2. Paytm Order ID
  3. Mobile Number

To find the above details, go to the ‘My Order’ section on Paytm App and select the mobile recharge order.