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Warranty and Installation

How can I claim warranty?

You may claim the warranty on your product using the invoice shared with you. You do not require a separate warranty card to claim the warranty.
Your product may come with any of the below warranty:

  Manufacturer/ brand warranty
Seller Warranty
  No Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: You may directly contact the manufacturer for claiming the warranty
Seller Warranty: You may directly contact the seller for claiming the warranty. Seller details are available on the invoice.
You will not be able to avail warranty, if your product does not come with any warranty or the warranty period has expired.

What if the brand/ seller denies warranty claim?

If your product is under warranty period, the brand/ seller ought to not deny the warranty. If due to any reason, brand/ seller has denied the warranty claim, we would request you to share the Warranty denial letter/ email that you would have received. We will take the issue with the concerned party and will resolve the case for you.

How can I get a product installed?

To know if the product you are purchasing comes with an installation service, look for the installation related message on the product description page. For more details like charges involved, slot availability and the installation process, reach out to the service provider using the contact information provided on the product description page or the invoice. The installation may be free or chargeable, depending up on the terms mentioned.