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Your Paytm OTP is more important than you think

OTP or One Time Password is a safe and convenient form of user authentication. It protects you against typical financial fraud. However, there still are certain fraudsters who are on the lookout for your OTP. Remember, DO NOT ever share your Paytm OTP with anyone, especially over a call, SMS or e-mail.

There is a catch here! While an OTP is a convenient way to authenticate, it is important you never fall into the trap of fraudsters and share your OTP. The combination of your Paytm registered mobile number and OTP or Card details and OTP can be misused in a variety of ways.

You must not share it with anyone even if the person claims to be a Paytm or Paytm Bank employee, Customer Care employee, Bank Employee, Paytm Agent, Paytm KYC agent, RBI Official, Income Tax Officer or even someone who wishes to pay you by asking your OTP.

Note: In case you wish to log into your Paytm Account or pay on a third-party website or app using your Paytm Account, you would receive an OTP for verification before you can proceed to pay. This is also how you link your Paytm Account to third-party platforms like BigBasket, Swiggy, Zomato, eBay, etc.

So, the next time you receive an SMS, e-mail or call asking for your OTP, don’t engage and just disconnect the call! Report the number to our Customer Care, and we will look into it instantly.