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Amount deducted from wallet but not added to recipient’s wallet

Sending money to another Paytm wallet happens through an instant transfer payment mode. You can send money to anyone in your phone contact list or enter the phone number manually to send money to that Paytm user. 

In case, the recipient hasn’t received the money sent from your wallet, you can go through the following checkpoints:

  • Wallet transfers are instant. Please ask the intended recipient to check the ‘Passbook’ section of their Paytm app
  • The recipient may be experiencing an internet connectivity issue, hence, there may be a delay in their passbook updating. Please ask them to check their internet connectivity
  • You can also go to your passbook section to confirm if you have sent the amount to the correct intended recipient
  • Remember, for a successful wallet to wallet transfer of funds, the recipient should be a Paytm wallet user

If all this checks out and the recipient still has not received the money, please ask the recipient to reach out to us directly and we will assist them further with the issue.