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Sent money to a wrong mobile number

Wallet to wallet transfers are processed instantly and the amount is added to the receiver’s wallet immediately. Before proceeding with this kind of a transfer, note the following points to avoid a sending money to a wrong number.

  • While trying to send money to another user, you have the option to either enter the mobile number manually or by selecting the receiver from your phone contacts
  • Once you enter the mobile number of the receiver or select the mobile number from your phone contacts, their name and photo (if they have provided any) are displayed to you
  • You will have to verify the details on this screen before proceeding with your transfer

In case you miss to verify the details on this screen and send the money to the wrong number, you will have to coordinate with the receiver directly for the reversal of the amount as the money is transferred immediately. Paytm does not have the right to reverse the amount of a successful transaction without the consent of the receiver.