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Unable to purchase Gift Voucher through net banking

Net banking is one of the ways to purchase Gift Vouchers (GVs) on Paytm. However, before doing so one should remember to not exceed their allowed limits and other factors which may cause hindrance to a smooth transaction.

To know why you may not be able to purchase a GV through net banking payment mode, please go through the below-mentioned points and see if these may be one of the reasons.

  • Your bank account may not have net banking enabled
  • You may be entering incorrect credentials for net banking
  • You may have insufficient balance
  • There may be limits placed on your account by your issuing bank
  • Your bank's systems may be down right now.
  • Do note that certain banks may be unavailable at times due to company policy

We recommend checking with your bank first and if you are still unable to purchase the GV, please share details for the error message received and we'll have it checked for you.